Tongkat Ali: The Plant Based Supplement That Benefits Men

Plant-based supplements have become popular in the last few decades because they offer health benefits without the side effects caused by so many medicines. Tongkat Ali extract is a supplement that has gotten a lot of attention due to its ability to enhance men’s health. Derived from the roots of an Asian plant, the extract can increase testosterone production safely. It will reverse many of the symptoms of low testosterone and help make strength training more effective.

The Story Behind Tongkat Ali

Although Tongkat Ali is fairly new to the Western world, its benefits are very familiar to Southeastern Asia’s population. For centuries it has been extracted from the roots of a plant known locally as Eurycoma longifolia. Its roots are harvested and processed into a paste that is added to a medicinal tea. Men drink it for its aphrodisiac benefits. Today the plant is also grown commercially and its roots are the main ingredient in supplements designed to naturally increase testosterone levels.

Tongkat Root Can Boost Low Testosterone

Every year many thousands of men take Tongkat Ali supplements in order to combat symptoms of low testosterone. The condition is fairly common in men over 30, a time of life when hormone levels begin dropping. Unfortunately, the change can produce unpleasant symptoms like low energy, depression and reduced sex drive. A Tongkat extract is able to reverse these symptoms by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase production of essential hormones. Men who take the supplement generally begin to get symptom relief within 3 weeks.

Body Builders Use Tongkat Ali to Increase Strength

Because testosterone is important to muscle building, many body builders take a high quality Tongkat Ali supplement to make strength training regimens more effective. As they take the supplement their testosterone levels increase gradually. However, many begin to feel noticeably stronger in as little as two weeks. By week 3 most experience an increased sense of well-being and by the sixth week are noticing increased muscle mass.

Hundreds of thousands of men over 30 now take Tongkat Ali supplements to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone. The safe, natural supplement also helps many body builders increase muscle mass and gain an improved sense of well-being.